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The Gala on July 21 celebrated our 32nd year of serving and strengthening low-income families in San Francisco. Our Gala-related fundraising netted $183,000 to-date. We are extremely thankful for CPMC Sutter Health's continued support as our Gala Title Sponsor. We are equally grateful for Magenta, Inc.'s support of APA as our Sustaining Sponsor. CPMC 2020 Manager Cecilia Thomas addressed the guests with a passionate message of support for our agency. Magenta, Inc.'s founders and management were at the event as guests of honor.

We appreciate our Platinum Level Sponsor, Cathay Bank and Platinum Level Donor Robert Joseph Louie Memorial Fund for supporting our Family Economic Success program and our Chinatown Early Literacy/Youth programs respectively.


Click here for the complete list on our Gala Page.

A pre-Gala press conference was held on July 11 to announce the event. We invited reporters from Sing Tao Daily and World Journal to meet our high level sponsors, donors and Board members. We used this opportunity to acknowledge these funders, including Kate Weiland, Manager, Community Health, Sutter Health and Eric Cheung, First Vice President, Cathay Bank. who were unable to attend the Gala.


Click here for the press conference story (in Chinese).

Gala photos
Special thanks: to our Silent Auction Committee and volunteers who helped solicit, organize and manage the auction tables, and sell gift cards; to Mr. and Mrs. Lau for the donation of a 5 ft. tall vase as the grand prize for raffles; to the Miss Asian Global Pageant delegates for selling raffle tickets; to volunteers who tended the bar; and church volunteers who assembled the gift bags.
Proceeds from raffle sales will go towards our Behavioral Health Program, including payment for the printing of the "Kids and Big Feelings - Activity Book for 2nd and 3rd Graders" and "Feelings Group Therapy - Facilitator's Guidebook."

Sincere gratitude: to Prince of Peace Enterprises, Inc. for donation of the gift items, HSBC USA for providing the bags, and the many Silent Auction donors. Click here for the complete list on our Gala Page.


On Friday, August 2 our Staff spent a day at The Presidio for our Staff Support Day. It's an opportunity to have one day to relax, interact, and learn and practice self-care with team members from our various locations and different departments.
We started the day practicing a few minutes of mindfulness, then learned and practiced some basic yoga positions led by Amor Santiago, our Executive Director. 
The icebreaker group activity was a lot of fun while the team building game was quite challenging. We then went on the StoryWalk hike before lunch. That walk was invigorating and informative, and showed us some great views of The Presidio.
We ended the day at the Presidio Bowl where all our staff showed off how good they are at bowling. Thanks to all the team members involved in the planning and making this event possible. And thanks to Salvador Luna, our Operations Manager, for his photos and write-up.
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5 QUESTIONS  With Our Program Manager

Jack Siu MSW

Jack wants to encourage people to improve their lives and achieve their potential. He joined APA in 2009; since then, he worked in various positions and sites. Now, he is the Program Manager for APA's Family Centers in Visitacion Valley (aka Visitacion Valley Strong Families or VVSF).


His curiosity of the human mind led him to choose Psychology for his undergraduate study and recently finished his Master of Social Work degree to deepen his skill in the field.


Why did you join the Agency?

You probably think that I followed my passion which led me to APA. I'm sorry to say that is not my case. Ten years ago, I simply needed a job and applied to places where my bilingual skills and background can be best utilized.


Actually, my passion for building strong families is cultivated and built over time.


What do you appreciate about the services that APA provides?

APA offers a variety of services for families -- from prenatal to seniors. To me the essential part is our staff is willing to go out of their way in order to help someone in need.

What would you like to see APA accomplish for the future?

To continue our hard work and be ready to respond to the vibrant and fast-changing community.


Tell us about your family?

My family immigrated to the U.S. from Hong Kong when I was nine. I live with my wife, 9-year-old son, and 6-year-old daughter. 


What do you do in your leisure time?

Sports and exercises have always been my hobbies growing up. I enjoy playing basketball with my friends, doing body weight workout, practicing meditation, and exploring how to live a fulfilling life. And also fishing with my son.


August is National Back to School Month. Chinatown clients with 5-18 year-old children were invited to our August 9 Back to School event. A health workshop presented by a pediatrician preceded the giveaway...

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On August 15, we participated in two partnership Backpack Giveaway events. One is for students living in Ping Yuen and Ping Yuen North; another is for students living in Sunnydale's public housing...

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VVSF staff took the Suunydale Women Support Group to the SF Conservatory of Flowers in mid-July. It was such a wonderful experience that the women are inspired to explore the city outside of Sunnydale.

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Our 10-week STEAM program is great summer learning for the 6-12-year-olds. They collaborate on projects, do experiments, see results, and discover the science, technology, art, engineering or the math around them.

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Congratulations to our Superheroes who graduated this summer with their parents! This 10-session parent/child skills-building class trains participants on how to use their superhero powers. and feel safe...

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On July 13 Visitacion Valley Strong Families hosted the fourth SPCA outdoor clinic to provide vaccination and flea treatment services. This monthly event on every second Saturday is gaining in popularity. 

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APA's mission is to promote healthy children and families by providing family support services to prevent child abuse and domestic violence. We also advocate for culturally competent services for Asians and Pacific Islanders through education, community building and leadership development.
APA Family Support Services is a 501(c)(3) non-profit agency. Your contribution to support APA is tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.
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Received -- June 18-August 23, 2019 Donations

Silver Level: Walmart Associate Resource Group

Bronze Level:  First Republic Bank CRG

Angie Khong, Magenta, Inc. (monthly)

Irene and Daniel Riley Family Fund

Susan Sung, Emerald Yeh and Ron Blatman

Friends of APA: Asian America Foundation

Kory Lam, Po S. Lew

San Francisco Chinatown Lion's Club,

Starcity Property, Inc., Dean Yao

$500 - $999: Karen Chou, Dennis and Ellen Chuang

Rose Chung, Luen Lam, Schriner Law Firm, Rick Yuen

$100 - $499: Audie Chang, Fanny Lam, Dora Lau,

James and Ella Mae Tom Lew, Tiffany Ng

Dr. Don Wong, Don and Louisa Wong

Vicky Wong, Wyman Wong, Lindsay S. Young

$10 - $99: Meghan R. Butler


Chair  Rose Chung  Asian America Foundation

President  Cary Chen  Recology  
Vice President  Jacqueline Huie First Republic Bank

Secretary  Julie Hoxie  University of California, Berkeley
Treasurer  Joyce Tso, CPA/ABV  ASAM, LLP

Mai-Sie Chan, M.D.  Private Practice
Van Diep  KTSF-TV, Channel 26

Stephen Koh, CLF  MassMutual Financial Group

Fanny Lam  COMPASS Real Estate

Kory Lam  HSBC Bank (USA)
Susan Sung, Ph.D., Professor Emerita  

San Francisco State University

Dean Yao, Ph.D.  Logi Analytics

Rick Yuen, Assistant Dean Emeritus, Stanford University 

Amor Santiago, DPM, MPH

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