MAY 2023


"We are all part of one another"


Dear AAPIPers,


We wish you a celebratory Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (AA and NH/PI) Heritage Month for all the ways you choose to honor your heritage every day. 


Life is not what you alone make it. Life is the input of everyone who touched your life and every experience that entered it.


We choose to uplift these words of wisdom from Yuri Kochiyama in honoring AA and NH/PI Heritage month. As we each find our own moments to process identity and heritage, let's remember that while our stories are unique to only us, we are all part of one another.


Over these past many weeks at AAPIP, we have been channeling the exciting spirit of Heritage Month through planning a meaningful 2023 Annual Meeting & Network Convening. We are only weeks away from the convening as one opportunity to uplift the AA and NH/PI narrative in actualizing equity and justice in philanthropy. 


We've got a jam-packed newsletter for you this month, continue scrolling to get plugged in!

Artwork by Loe Lee for Google Arts & Culture APAHM 2022




Savoring Growth: Life Lessons from Mango Sticky Rice and Philanthropy

Kyson Bunthuwong


As a kid, I grew up eating khao niew ma muang (mango sticky rice). I took it for granted as a staple dessert here in America and carried around this false sense of the delicacy’s normalcy. When asked in a class by a teacher, “What is your favorite dessert?”, it was only then that the generic roars of “cake” or “ice cream” from other kids would start to unravel my singular perception.


I’m the son of a Thai immigrant father who is both proud of his heritage and unable to adequately communicate why the complicated concoction of warm rice, cold fruit, and salted cream sauce was never served outside our community. The subtle othering I felt from a simple food dish was just the beginning of a long list of things over the years that would make me feel like I didn't quite belong....

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Are you looking to meet AAPIP members in your local community? Our chapters are hosting in-person socials to gather folks in your area! If you're interested in attending a social, please email


AAPIP is excited to participate in Council of Michigan Foundation's (CMF) Reimagining Engagement With and Investment in AA and NH/PI Communities on Wednesday, May 31st from 1:00 - 2:30pm ET. AAPIP will present data illustrating the underinvestment of philanthropic dollars in AA and NH/PI communities, reasons why these communities are overlooked in racial justice strategies, and the power of organizing identity-based spaces. This event is free for CMF members. 


Join The Asian American Foundation (TAAF) as we co-host What's Next for TAAF? on Thursday, June 1st from 3:00 - 4:00pm ET. This interactive discussion will focus on TAAF’s five-year plan and how the organization hopes to drive long-term impact through its newly unveiled portfolio strategy with four core pillars: anti-hate, education, narrative change, and resources & representation. Learn more and register here




NHPI community-based organizations (CBOs) are facing a funding cliff that will put them back where they had been for decades before the pandemic, at the very bottom. Activate California, a program of Asian American Futures, invites you to join a conversation with NHPI community leaders sharing their work, worries, and hopes. Funders committed to equity and addressing the needs of the most marginalized communities will have a chance to learn about how NHPI organizations can be the catalyst for change in the systems that perpetuate the most harm.

Register here!

Deadline extended to Wednesday, May 31st!


AAPIP is proud to be part of a growing global movement of collective giving! With so much changed since the 2016 landscape research that found that there were 1,600 (and counting) giving circles in the US, we’re excited to participate in the 2023 U.S. Collective Giving Landscape Research Initiative to capture the growth, diversity, and impact of collective giving groups. Make sure your circle is represented in this research study and showcase the diversity of this movement.


Calling all giving circle leaders and members, help inform the collective giving movement by taking just a few minutes to take the survey!

The Asian Pacific Fund, celebrating its 30th anniversary, is hosting its annual Asian and Pacific Islander (API) Summit back in-person!


This year’s Summit, "Honoring our Roots, Charting our Path: APIs in the Racial Justice Movement,” will create space for leaders to gather, reflect, and gain insights on how the API community can continue to work in alignment with other communities of color toward healing, recovery, and collective action. The 2023 Summit will focus on how the Asian and Pacific Islander community works alongside other communities of color toward healing, recovery, and collective action.


Learn more about the Summit and how to purchase tickets here. 

Less than 10 days left to participate in Give in May 2023! This month-long, nationwide giving campaign was established to support the work of AAPI nonprofits who provide vital services to the most vulnerable in our community. Another way to celebrate AAPI Heritage Month, you can become a champion of the AAPI community by giving today. Your support will help power the work of the nonprofits and causes you care about. Give now!





Artwork Credit: Bravespace, illustration by Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya

Affirmative Action & Race-Conscious Admissions Toolkit

Published May 2023 by Asian American Futures, Activate CA, Chinese for Affirmative Action, and Xīn Shēng 心声 Project


The Asian American Foundation STAATUS Index 2023: Attitudes Towards Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

Published May 2023 by TAAF and LAAUNCH 


A New Music Compilation for Meditation, Mindfulness, and Collective Healing

Published May 2023 by The Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center


Cultures of Generosity and Philanthropy Within Communities of Color

Published May 9, 2023 by THIRTEEN


Recentering Philanthropy Toward Social Justice

Published May 4, 2023 by Nonprofit Quarterly


Philanthropy’s Equivalent of “All Lives Matter” (Op-Ed)

Published April 18, 2023 by Nonprofit AF


Honoring and Supporting Women of Color Leaders

Published April 4, 2023 by Stanford Social Innovation Review







Advancing justice and equity will take all of us.

AAPIP appreciates the steadfast support from the 100+ members who have newly joined or renewed their commitment to our network, working collectively towards building a more just and equitable democracy.


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  • Mellon Foundation
  • Open Society Foundation

  • Raikes Foundation

  • Sobrato Philanthropies

  • The Women's Foundation of CA

  • Unbound Philanthropy

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